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Tolerance is love, and is the cornerstone of any wholesome belief system. You cannot profess love without tolerance. Abominations, is how a great number of Nigerians refer to Gay/Lesbians and Transgender citizens of the country. A day ago, Goodluck Jonathan, our President, signed a bill criminalizing homosexuality in the country, and most people are reveling in ecstasy about this.

Nigeria is one of the most corrupt and lawless countries in our universe. Her leaders are crude and morally bankrupt, and frankly, the only redeeming quality of this beautiful country is her people: a passionate and determined people, who are driven and deeply seated in religion and worship. Nigeria, somehow, has lost its faith, replacing it with dogma and misworship.

Under the guise of fighting God’s cause, but is God disabled or invalid, that he requires enforcers to champion his cause? Saul did same before he became the Apostle Paul for Christ. As a result, he lived with hernia for the rest of his days. Human beings are being dehumanized, victimized and sometimes killed—for their sexual orientation. Where in the Scriptures are Christians called to arms, to wage war against enemies of God? Love those who despitefully use you…Pray for your enemies and if they hunger feed them…naked? Clothed them, but if Lesbian or Gay, hang them out to dry? Crucify them? If civilization began in Africa, why should homosexuality be foreign to the African culture?

Rumors are being spread to the effect that homosexuals are out and about recruiting ‘members’ and soon, the country will be overrun by them. I did not realize being gay required subscription, and is therefore optional. This all sounds far right republican, and it saddens me it comes straight out of my motherland. All from a country where it’s LEGAL for a forty-nine year old pervert to marry a nine-year-old girl, and rape her, all in the name of consummating the sham of a marriage.

Based on Islamic laws, Nigeria recently passed a law, making twelve the legal age for marriage, for a girl; yet, Nigeria is not an Islamic state. This is the madness of the depraved old men ruling the country. How can any sane person take such leaders seriously? How can anyone begin to reason with such mind sets?

Now that this law has been passed, rest assured the ignorant among us—already taking pleasure and pride, in humiliating and ostracizing homosexuals—will go on a killing spree. Remember this is a country where a human life is worthless. A man is easily killed for stealing candy worth a dollar or a woman stripped naked publicly and sexually assaulted in plain sight, for stealing pepper, take your pick.

As hopeless as the situation appears, I still hold out on hope/faith. My hope is in the future, our children; and one of them Sibbly Whyte, a future leader of my people, has a fair and rational grip on the situation thank heavens. Here is Sibbyl’s take:

Sibbyl Whyte
January 14th, 2014

Gay; once upon a time, it meant being happy.

I’d like to believe that if Jesus lived in Nigeria in the 21st century, he would have been tolerant of gay people. And before anyone quotes Old testament for me, remember the Prostitute in the New?
Yea, she was considered an ‘abominable’ being, worthy of being stoned to death. Did Jesus Christ let them? Did he tell them to lock her up in some dungeon? No! He asked them to carry on with their senseless punishment, if they were blameless, if they hadn’t committed one sin or the other.

ALL Sins are equal.

So, if you think that gay people offend God more than rapists, adulterers, fornicators, thieves, murderers, abortionists, etc. My friend, you are sitting on a long thing.

If you believe that Homosexuality is a crime worth 14 years of lost years, then you’ve failed the second greatest commandment which is to ‘Love thy neighbour as thine self’. You would not wish to be locked up for being different.

Sanctimoniousness would not get you anywhere near the streets of heaven.

Personally, I’d take the homosexuals over the rapists that fuck right and destroy lives. We do not heavily enforce the laws concerning Rape and yet, people applaud this move of locking consenting individuals of same sex. Sigh. I won’t even talk about how this could easily be a means of wasting innocent lives. Sigh, Sigh.

For the leaders that put this on the table and saw it through, I wish Nigerians could see right up their asses and that of their kids. I would be damned if half of them haven’t swum in the pools of homosexuality. Sadly, they have given us this bone, and like rabid dogs, most chew on.

At least, the Goodluck government would be remembered for making sure that Nigerian-born dicks went into the designated holes. Yaaay!
While they are at it, I hope they pass a bill that would stop anal sex. It’s the same thing with gay-men sex if you ask me.

This is what we get when a nation is peopled by individuals that let religious, cultural and personal sentiments take precedence over the provision of a better life for the average Nigerian. Would ridding the nation of gay people put food on the table? Would it provide jobs for graduates, pave our roads and make us any more developed? Would it make everything that is wrong with Nigeria right?


I thought as much.


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