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Working Mom in the City

5 Simple Things We Forget as We Grow Older…

  1. Hug and show affection to the people that matter most.
    You’re never too old to remind your loved ones that you love them. You’re never to old to show you care. A hug can go a long way. Ask your grandparents how their week has been, ask your mother for a baking recipe, tell your old pops you love him.
  2. Eat together.
    Although this may not be possible to do once a day, try at least once a week. Set aside your electronics and turn the TV off. Sit around a table and indulge in some real-talk conversations. You’ll learn a lot.SAMEN ETEN
  3. Check in with your parents, your grandparents.
    Just because we grow older and have our own families to look after, doesn’t mean we should forget about where we came from. If your parents understand how to text, a…

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