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“Let’s get out of here babes, I’m bored.”

I smiled looking at him through my long lashes. I rather no one noticed. These meetings were getting longer and more boring with time; the new manager redefined boredom on a whole new level.

In his eyes I saw passion. He was definitely ready for me—I knew exactly what he had in mind. These days all I think about is him. His smell, touch…his smell more than anything else. A smell crisp as a cold winter’s night.

I responded to his text.

“Easy tiger! I’m speaking next babes, then we can get the hell out of here okay” I finished with a wink icon and he smiled.

He stared right at me, unashamed, licking his lower lip, I cringe; shocked and worried someone would notice. The manager finally spoke.

“Okay family, here she is! The one who makes all of us proud, four years running; Maya Fredrick.”

The applause was deafening and after a while, there was silence. I smiled nervously and thanked everyone.

“You all make me what I am, thank you for your support and teamwork.”

My speech was recycled; maybe from last year or the year before. I was the best realtor this side of the Atlantic, thankfully my bosses were not stingy…they reward hard work. I kept that smile on my face as I searched keenly for him, yet he was nowhere to be found.

After a few hugs and handshakes, I sneaked off without being noticed.  I looked around the parking lot but there was no sign of him. Sitting in my car now, I dialed his cell and just then, I saw him turn the corner with the new secretary for our division; a little blonde thing.

Poor Abdul…his look bordered on frustration and pity. Let me see him get himself out of this one, I thought wickedly as I drove into the street heading for the beltway.

The usually warm Houston night breeze turned cool. The cool wind felt colder as it howled through the window caressing my face. The street looked deserted. Where the fuck was everyone? It was only 8pm. Even the beltway was almost empty and spooky. I was heading north to link highway 59 for Downtown, but swerved in just enough time to avoid the truck which almost rammed into my Benz.

Why was he in such a rush? This was just like a scene from a Stephen King movie, where the entire town was either dead or dying, and the gates of hell flung open with Hades himself en-route on the eerie cold night to claim souls.

My arms were covered in huge goose pimples as I shuddered from my near miss and the chilled night air—taking me back three years ago when I tried to end it all.

Kyle wanted a divorce by all means even though he did the betraying and the cheating. I loved him so much and willing to patch things up. It took him saying he would rather allow rabid dogs lick festering sores off his body, than live another day with me, before my eyes opened.

I died that day. I stopped being me. Like a zombie I struggled through my life; working all day and sleeping most weekends. Until I could no longer go on and decided it was a lovely day to die. I waited until it got dark, drove to Brazzos River Bridge. It was lonely save for chirping crickets and buzzing mosquitoes, possibly consumed with their own sorrows.

I climbed over and jumped. It was my perfect exit. I couldn’t swim. It would be quick.

Somehow my leg got caught in a part of the bridge and I hung there upside down like a rag doll. My entire life flashed before me and dying was not so pretty after all. I suddenly had the overwhelming desire to live. Help! Help! I called out in muffled gasps. Luckily an old man did hear and alerted the cops. Trust Maya to fuck even dying up! I could just hear Kyle say.

They came, cops and the fire department but I lied I was just trying to sit and take in the awesome view but tripped. The firemen believed me, why would such a pretty girl kill herself after all.

It took a little convincing the cops I wasn’t a psycho out to kill myself, before they allowed me back in my car. About to drive off, the old man appeared by my window and signaled I wind down.

“Someone don’t think it’s your time to go yet lady. What’s so hard or bad about life that you are willing to go? He looked sad, like I reminded him of something from his past.

He went away almost as quickly as he appeared and I drove home in a daze wondering how he came to be there in the first place.

This night’s daze was similar and I shivered even more.

Now in the Museum district where there’s no night or day, the streets were still alive with activity. I was home and felt safe. My loft was on the fifth floor. Just then my cell rings, it’s Abdul.

“Maya, where are you baby? I’m already here.” he sounded hoarse and hungry.

“In the elevator Abbi, be there in three okay.” I replied slowly. I knew what awaited me; it’s taken almost a year of patience and trusting to get here.

I entered into the darkness of my home and I felt his hands pull me closer and his lips claimed mine. His kiss was warm and searching. He reached and began to unbutton my blouse hurriedly.

I didn’t resist. In one quick movement my bra followed. My breasts were soon in his hands. His head lowered slowly to take one nipple after the other in his mouth.

I moaned softly, almost in a whisper as I held onto his head and he continued to suck and tease all at once. I’m excited, scared and apprehensive. Sensing a little tenseness on my part, he stopped.

“Are you sure this is what you want Maya? This is all I’ve ever wanted to do since I first laid eyes on you.” He was now kneeling in front of me, hands on my panties, looking up like a school boy waiting for permission to do something.

Gawd! He is sexy! I nod repeatedly. “Yes, oh yes Abbi, this is exactly what I want!”

The last five months had been spent knowing and exploring each other. The man has skills. With his fingers and mouth, he had given me multiple orgasms of earthquake scale proportions without breaking a sweat! If his lips and hand could do this, what would that raging bull beneath his boxers do? The very thought sent my pulse racing. He hand slowly caressed between my legs and then I felt it; the softest touch ever. I looked down swiftly. In his hand was a silk scarf. He winked wickedly as he got to his feet and in one swift movement, picked me up and headed for the bedroom.