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Yes, it’s today. I’m one year older.

It’s awesome to be here. To see this day and celebrate life with family and loved ones. I’m a sucker for birthdays, honest.

I think everyday of life belongs to our maker; God, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, whatever guides us. However, celebrating the day of your birth is yours to live up.

It’s a day in my opinion, you get to be any and everything you want to be, assuming you can pack it all into a twenty-four hour time frame.

Exciting isn’t it?

I don’t mean the bizarre or extreme here folks, I mean just taking time to overindulge in the act of loving YOU. Loving yourself is something we often neglect doing through the span of the year. We spend so much time making time and doing for others.

On this day your birthday, is a day to pay homage to those used as mediums to bring you forth, if they are still present. I would start by seeing them or calling just to say “hey”, letting them know they did an awesome job.

If they happen to be one of those whom circumstances placed you in each others paths and lives, and they have helped forged the person you are; they also qualify for that “hey”.

If perchance there’s no such person, you must take stock and acknowledge everything that has led you to this point, this day.

For me there is much to consider and even much more to give thanks for; so I make a mental note how the next year will unfold according to my rules, lol.

It’s a good day to be born, but an even better day to revisit forty-five years of existence. Twenty-one of which has been in a school of marriage; with lessons I’m yet to understand and seven children I’m still shaping or have helped shape. Several wonderful relationships forged; some gone sour and a whole book of awakenings.

I feel blessed reaching this point. I feel like a ten year old.

I can’t wait for morning…my hugs and kisses from the little ones. The teenagers will protest, but as I said, it’s my day of indulgence. So I even get to slobber [glee]. I can’t wait for Elizabeth’s cuddle time and her never ending questions of how grandma gave birth to me.

I can’t wait for my Oreo cookie ice cream cake and my walk in Ambrose Park; where I talk with the Father and rationalize a thing or two. It’s always soothing in Ambrose Park but this morning will be different. As I’m off work, I’ll linger just a little longer, taking slower gentle steps and truly counting all that has made the last year good.

Later, I will be seeing one of the two who helped get me here: my mama who lives five minutes away from me. I’ll sit with her as I did last year and she will as with previous birthdays place her hands on my head and give thanks for me.

She always says, “Nnem o, my own, the Father’s love will never leave you, be happy today and we thank HIM for yet another day of life.

Mama is a day to day person, I love her for that.

So, dear friends and fellow button-pushers, this is my tribute to my day of birth, I count you all as part of blessing of the year; you have all taught me a thing or two and I cherish the many lessons learned here.

As they say in my home town, Nndugi (Longer life still)