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Dear WP family, I would like to invite everyone to the launching of my debut novel, Adaora. A paranormal romantic thriller.

The journey arriving at this point, was made easy by the support and friendship I found here on WordPress. It’s unbelievable, the caliber of wonderful, interesting people I have come to know and treasure.

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Book Summary:

Adaora invites the reader into a world of intricate folklore, rich in myths and legends. Where people live, side by side strange and exciting tales. Some of which are atmospheric, and some downright frightening.

The setting and the horror elements of Adaora are distinctive and exotic, and features supernatural entities, magic, and a fight that could shatter the universe. The subject and symbolism used in Adaora are something anyone can understand and relate to, no matter where they live or what kind of culture they come from. Adaora is a disturbing, violent, and tragic story of betrayal that leads to rivalry between two female gods.

Adaora is about lost love, jealousy, dangerous – murderous – passion, fear, and fury. Good against evil forces.

This is a battle between a good queen, against her strong and lustful cousin, willing to go to extremes to achieve her goal. It involves the innermost fear of losing everything. Hits a nerve and stirs up a whirlwind of disquieting emotions. With all its supernatural elements, Adaora is a kind of Fatal Attraction, laced with mysticism.

Fernanda is an everyday young woman who visits Tortoise Cove beach, in Nigeria. An adorable attractive man, catches her attention and she discovers that she can read his mind, actually she can read the mind of anyone connected to this man. His name is Tarri, he has a strange telepathic ability of reading the minds of women. Females are attracted to him.

It turns out that Tarri was a god, a powerful and mighty entity. He was in love with queen Adaora. However, their happiness ended when Amaka, a dark, powerful and erotic goddess, using dark magic, seduced him.Β  This betrayal led to Queen Adaora’s fury and heartbreak and Tarri lost his status as a god. From that moment onwards, Tarri had to live his life as a mortal man, without recollection of his divine origins.

Adaora banished Amaka and cursed her with promiscuity and discontentment. Amaka’s refusal to accept her punishment meant trying to thwart the universal law of retributive justice. Amaka and Adaora became mortal enemies. Their violent and relentless fight over centuries became a threat to the universe. If Amaka succeeds in defeating Adaora, Tarri will never be united with Adaora and justice will cease to exist. Chaos is all that will be.