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A yoga class.

A yoga class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yoga has been great and we have been training a lot, for the marathon: each of us working to improve on our previous record. Did I mention my mom also lives in the same city as we do? Yes, she’s five minutes away from me and ten from Gert.

The only one who lives far off is Fran and our baby sis Jacki. Jacki lives with her two-year old Parker and his dad Micheal…they live two miles away from Fran. It’s an even distribution in a way and the family is happy with this. So on the home front, we are all able to work together, family members helping pick up little ones from daycare if need be, and grandma always delighted to have her babies on the days we have yoga. Since traffic never allows us to pick them up in time.

A new week began and we were geared up and ready. At this time I had lost about 10 pounds, and never looked this lean. All my old health hiccups had gradually disappeared.

Raquel’s affirmation, for this new week was I am strong. Class started on time with meditation. But on this day I’m a bit down; the situation about my book was depressing me—the amount of money required to fund it. I did my best to put it temporarily out of my mind, after all I was in yoga class.

One of the nicest things about yoga is the fact your competition is against no one but yourself. You only need go as far as your body allows, if you listen to it. As her voice tries to bring calm to my raging pulses, I phased out reality and focused on my wants and aspirations. We went through several poses, we sat against the wall. At this point we had become uncomfortable. To help us, Raquel suggested we pretend its Shavasana. Shavasana is the most important yoga movement. It involves the body being motionless for the duration of the pose: a very difficult feat, considering our body and mind is always in constant motion or activity.  To further motivate us, Raquel informed us, that if we succeed in sitting still for three minutes or so, it would be a great accomplishment.

I marveled at her words and yes of course, almost immediately, the greatest urge we all had, was to move. And as if on cue, we all burst out in laughter…we all moved!

Gracefully we went through our routine, learning that weakness is strength. It was okay to be vulnerable and okay to seek and want help in one form or the other. The, I am strong is not of a physical nature, it’s more an acknowledgement of flaw and the ability to get past it and draw strength from it.

Needless to say we had a fantastic workout. As we sat after class, each sharing what we have achieved so far, Raquel listens intently…our comments and observations will decide her focus and theme for our next meeting. I gave thanks for my book and bestsellers, Gert does same for her Beast and the healing she got, Fran for my little niece Cassie starting potty training and Kimmy for not losing her ass because hubby specifically demanded she dared not. Oh dear…men and behinds!

Raquel laughs out loud and thanks us for our time, and asks if anyone wanted some callalou. I said yeah, I would love some. The gals ranted and suggested I had no idea what this was and I gladly explained what callalou was and they soon realized it was a vegetable they both relished, but simply didn’t know its name. We were curious how she got to have so much, until she said her boyfriend ran a community garden in the south side.

This rang a bell for Fran, who not too long ago had spoken to a guy who was supposed to help fix her dying lawn and yard, and he also ran a community garden. Folks, it turned out to be the same guy!

We marveled at the coincidence and began to talk about those. It was then it also became clear that the woman we initially wanted to sign up with, Mitzi of Namitzi Yoga was one of Raquel’s mentors. It was an Aha! Moment, what are the odds of all these coincidences. We all agreed nature took its course and assigned whom it wanted us to work with. Raquel was most excited about these revelations. Personally, I was happy, but not surprised. We have always believed there were no coincidences; the universe aligns to give you your due. Raquel was chosen for us, and in the aftermath of getting to know her, she suited us quite well. Her style of yoga was acceptable to our spirits and aura.

Seeing we now know her and were adapting rather well with her, Raquel was our chosen and her style of yoga was acceptable to our spirits and aura.

Saying goodbye that day, we all soon found our way home. Sitting later beside Gert as I drove, I thought about all that happened in class and my mind went immediately to Su’. My last communication with him ended on a weird note…I sensed he was a little off and not in the mood for banter. I had sent him two chapters of an erotic novella and asked if it was something he would consider editing and publishing. I knew it was a bit of a stretch, another story, lol.

He responded and it was not very positive, but not because of the subject matter, his concerns were more on editing matters, which was fine with me. I teased him about lighting up…accept his forty-five year old sis was a sexual being and could write about sex too.

He was reserved and unresponsive when I tried to reach out, I suppose he was dealing with issues in his world. I tried to relate this to our affirmation of the week, consider how I could be weak in order to allow him grow and be strong: soon enough I knew he would come out of whatever was troubling him.

I dropped Gert off and went home. The family was fine, fed everyone and settled to check on emails and blog, then saw a message from Su’.

As always he asked after big bros and the little ones. He was just checking in and hoped Aondo’s light was bright for the day. A smile lit up my face, he never deviates from character, our Su’

I replied and said all was well, also asked after his family. As he worries for me, so he does for Bubb. It’s funny how we forged this family of ours. As with me, they both met online and have since developed a loving relationship. He dotes on her and she’s overprotective of him.

As we chat, he reminds me it’s my birthday that weekend and I say yep! He laughs. I ask why, he says what do you give to a lady who has everything? I smile and say aww…

“I tried calling Bubb twice today Su’, no joy! Be sure to call her and say hey for me will you.”

“okay sis.” He replies as we say goodnight for real now and I sign off.