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This is not a long post, just a comment to my fellow bloggers on WordPress.

A little over four months ago, I came across a blogger on HARSH REALITY also known as OM. He liked one of my posts and followed me, and I reciprocated, after visiting his blog. I discovered a rather interesting person, filled with drive to be excellent in what he does. I admire him and I have benefited from his generous nature through his poetry and blogging. OM is willing to help in any way he can as far as this internet thing and blogging goes.

Over the months, I have also observed the many criticisms and unwarranted attacks he has receives and I always admire how he brushes himself off and continues on his path. As we all are, OM has today shown his human side and sensitivity. Regardless as we may often claim, everybody does hurt sometime.

It’s a damn shame when in a community like this, folks resort to harassment and back talk, simply because I can only assume, they fear failure and are threatened by the brilliance of another. I believe a lot of us here have learnt a thing or two from this young man, and it really saddens me to read such a sad sour post from him. In his words, I feel the disappointment and sadness he feels and as a friend and perhaps big sis from afar, I also ache.

Come on folks, whoever you are, you know yourselves, please stop! Hard work yields positive rewards and this young man does work hard at his game here. It behooves us all to rally and stop this sort of bullying in our WordPress family.

Even though there are two sides to every story, Opinionated Man has shown himself to be anything but opinionated. He allows everyone have their say and engages in healthy interactions.

He disagrees when he wants and expresses his take without shoving his opinions down anyone’s throat, neither has he the intention to change anyone’s view. In my book, that is healthy.

You disabled your comments OM, I understand your rationale, so I use this medium to let you know that if you allow these people get to you, then you’ll never fulfill your potential.  Success and excellence come at a price, dear, so chin up.

I wish you laughter in your head and heart, and I pray you rise above this.