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Afternoon Frolic _Dotta Raphels

It’s 1.30pm in the afternoon. Vivian and I are frolicking in our bedroom and this is exciting for me. She usually has one excuse or the other for not wanting to make love. Yet here we are today, right in the middle of a week day afternoon in bed, actually touching. This is heaven.

In the middle of making sweet love, a bloodcurdling scream filters into our bedroom from a neighboring flat. I ignore it, though a bit concerned. I say a quick prayer, hoping Vivian did not hear the scream. Nothing will spoil this for me. If this is a dream, I thank the good lord for his mercy.

Vivian, lost in ecstasy, moans with pleasure. I have one of her double D’s in my mouth and my free hand is cozy between her thighs working. She purrs as I move down, making fresh contact with her ready, moist triangle. Vivian is about to purr with excitement, when I hear another chilling scream pierce through, followed by a muffled scream and next, a loud bang.

This time my heart skips a beat and I break into a cold sweat. Something is terribly wrong. I stop making love to Vivian and she looks at me puzzled.

“Give me second baby.” I feign a smile. She does not notice I’ve lost my knighthood or that I’m scared. Such screams will fu#% up any man’s mojo and something tells me we have to get away from here.  If we have to run from our home, I need to know why.

Peering into the corridor, our neighbor’s door, flat seven, was slightly ajar. There is silence everywhere. Not even the hum of electrical appliances. I tiptoe closer, taking a peek. I freeze!

Blood is splattered randomly all over the wall. I want to turn right back and look for a place to hide. Craig runs out of his bedroom into their storage closet, hurriedly closing the door behind him. Craig is our neighbor’s six-year-old son. He looks like he has just seen death.  Deathly screams fill the air again, this time from his parent’s bedroom.

Beads of sweat trickle down my brow. My knees are trembling, almost giving way beneath me. Still, I edge closer towards their bedroom, curious to see, to know what is making the muffled gurgling sound I now hear. Just then, another scream tears through from another flat, somewhere in the building. I hold my breath. My heart races, about to explode.

Too late to turn back now; I edge further in, gently pushing the door slightly open.

A giant slimy being with a glowing presence, hovers over Jason, Craig’s dad. A large opening on it, the size of a basketball emanates a dull light. Within this opening, a set of glittering razor-sharp protrusions, appear. In one swift fluid motion, Jason’s head and spine come off, sucked out of his body, and into the being.

I scream but there is no sound. This will surely hunt me for the rest of my life…if I live past this day.

I manage to return to my apartment without being seen. Vivian was still lounging on the bed hoping to welcome me back to her bosom; one look at me and she jumps to her feet. I’m shaking uncontrollably.

“Honey, grab something, quickly! We have to leave immediately!” I whisper, lips trembling. Picking my jeans off the floor, I put them back on over my boxers, searching frantically for my shoes.

“Sean! What’s wrong? Why are you whispering? What happened? Why are you  shaking?” She asks, following me around as I search for my shoes.

“Do as I say baby—!”

Before I could complete my sentence, several more spine-tingling screams simultaneously fill the air. The hairs on my arms are standing like spikes. If Vivian previously, did not hear the screams, she did, now, and is completely spooked. She grabs a hold of me and would not let go.

“Viv, if we do not leave immediately, the last scream you’ll ever hear will be yours or mine!”

She reluctantly let go, but remains glued to the spot.

“Baby, put something on!. We must to leave now.”

Noticing her dress on the floor, I reach for it, and give to her. For once in her life, Vivian is not particular about her appearance. Pulling the dress over her head, she is not bothered about messing up her hair, neither is she trying to look at a mirror.

As we head for the door, I whispered, “We won’t take the elevator; we are going down the stairs.”

I cautiously stick my head out the door, glancing left and right.

Further down the corridor, before we could duck into the stairwell, a headless body stumbles out of a door, followed by two of those slimy beings hovering behind it. Vivian’s mouth opens to scream, but my hand shoots straight to cover it. We would both die if her scream takes flight!

Luckily, we were just outside the stairwell, and I quickly shove her in.

Tears streamed down her face. She knows making it out of here alive, will be a miracle.

“Sean, if we get away from here, I will thank this God of yours”.

She makes sense. What we saw is unbelievable, making God now seem plausible, I suppose.

Our first instinct is to run down the stairs, but we both know our journey would be cut short. We have to tiptoe down and now I regret having our apartment on the fifth floor of hell. We will have to make it through to the lower levels of purgatory before we can find salvation out this building.

We did reach salvation. Salvation found us in a car. Driving further away from the pits of hell, the streets are dead and a deafening silence engulfs us. All that stirs is the hum of the my old car, Trusty, one of the few remaining mechanical cars, as I drive her slowly, too scared to go any faster, wanting to make the least noise. Anxious and eager to exhale, we stare wide-eyed at each other, and then frantically on the road and streets, as we eased further away from hell.