THE POWER OF A WOMAN… what the hell were we thinking?

The Mirror

To the Women of America (and all other women):

As one who used to hunt nuclear attack submarines as a younger man, this may seem to be a strange admission: I really liked Disney’s movie Brave. And not because I have a fetish for fiery redheads.

Maybe. Some things are classified for a good reason.
Anyhow, I’ve come to suspect that Disney is particularly careful in considering the themes of its movies. Almost to the point of positive social messaging, perhaps. Doesn’t the main character’s name in Brave – Merida – sound more than a bit like ‘Merica (i.e., America)?
And so, at the risk of scorn, let’s consider Brave from the perspective of being a subtle message to the women of America, and by extension other women.
The men in Brave are a collection of buffoons, twits, and nincompoops. This comic but mildly negative portrayal of men is…

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