Seun Odukoya

This here is peace of mind;

Really it’s a piece of mine

My father & and sister don’t like it

But I posted it

You can say I pissed off mine

I left them already anyways

To cleave;

To the one who clears my airways

I breathe;

Inhale the purity of her scent


‘Take her hand’ He says;

‘Take it in want; not need’

Let me speak to her being

Probably she’s spent many a year

Just ‘being’

I did time too; lonely within

She didn’t give up on men though

Check the scene!

Was her flawed knight in shinning

Now cleaned up my thing

She tough too; don’t trip, she’s been carrying the weight

I’ll remind her she’s a woman; you just wait

Flirt with her senses; stir up her spirits

Put laughter in her heart till she’s giddy

Her shoulders relax; with words I massage;

A mending…

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