Are you sure the world is ready to hear you, see reason and adhere to the truths therein? I ask because we are so seeped in dogma, talk and rational such as yours will be seen as abomination.

That said, I for one welcome and embrace the enlightening. I often wonder why sex and the act of coupling is seen as sin and trumped as vile even from so-called promoters of unions.
The secrets to the spiritual world is gradually being released and revealed albeit in small doses and mankind is on the verge of an explosive rebirth and knows it not.

It’s better to chuck it all up to science fiction, these inferences of sexual connection and gratification being on a mental/spiritual and non physical contact level.

Unlike you, I can not quote the Biblical verses or site references to support my beliefs, but I do know that it’s spiritually logical to attest to the notion of gender transfer in spirits and reincarnation.

I often wonder why people would rather choose to believe a homosexual man or Lesbian woman would choose a life style so condemned and abhorred by a rather alarming majority in our race,
rather than believe choice is irrelevant in the matter and seek to find a more acceptable explanation to such a disposition.

The only reason I accept and believe there’s no difference between myself and a gay man or woman is a rather simple one….I see no difference in LOVE. The definition, acceptance and show of love is the same and I must confess in many cases so much more honored and revered in a gay relationship than a heterosexual one. Yes , many may disagree, but strictly my take here.

I think the understanding and behaviour toward marital affairs is so much reduced to just sex, role play and economics, the so-called heterosexual relationships has lost the core of the intent.;which you have so eloquently presented,or rather dissected here. It’s not an easy thing to accept the notion of man as solely a spiritual being. The very idea of such evolution is absurd to many. Yet these same people claim absolute trust and understanding of the intent of creation.

God made man to be like him, live like him and rule with him. Is man to do this in the ridiculous state we are in at present? So I choose to believe you are on an accurate path here…let’s just see how long it take the world to catch up, or rather how the plans of God unfolds gradually.
I know your inspiration is from within and guided by the spirit of truth and love; once again, thank you for such an overdue eye opening revelation.