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For Dotta


Blow the whistle Sibbyl

Time it is to form the tunes of beauty

To fulfil to someone special a certain duty

Forgive clichés but seal a deal

To cure her heel

Of aches through a heart’s feel.


Upon the aging sands of the mind,
you, lady, have left your mark;
of joy that we sought, and now find.
The hole is filled, for love we do not lack.

Like a lark your voice brings cheer,
over the seas and empty henned lines
a smile ‘pon twin hearts that doth hear
the blessings sent across the miles.

Today the past slinks away,
future dances in, nary a delay.
As your dreams lead the way,
for your happiness, we pray.


Upon the aging sands of your time

We add our verse to your New Year’s chime

Your goodness spreads through all

Singing sonorous notes that stand you tall

Hear twin voices here, loving you still across the miles:

‘Happy Birthday Love’, hope this brings you smiles…

Love from S’ and $ß.

PS. *henned lines* Refers to a phrase coined in Nigeria regarding the bad connection service between MTN users, provided by the MTN network. Hence the term eMpTy heNned.