For once in my life, I’m dumbstruck!

Love is always king. Love is our reason for life and will be our guide in life. In love we will always be. It’s not a matter of choice or obligations, it’s simply because the connective factor is a force far greater than anything yet to be. The beauty of one’s life is often lost to the person, but there are those odd times when the door of grace is opened and from the eyes of another; a chance is granted to take and see what wonderful love and grace has long encircled one.

It’s been a day of many revelations and awakenings, I feel/wish for time to stand just a little longer still, so I can read over and relish this just a hundred more times or so.
There are no reasons strong enough for strife or anger to linger where you are concerned lit’ bro, we simply are made of a different breed 🙂
You warm my heart in many ways,your optimism and simple take on life is so consuming, just tell me how possible is it to steer from such a soul?

A mama’s heart is like a faucet, from it flows love,patience,strength,silence,calm,peace and an undying desire to protect her own. Weary yes,yet a resolve so strong,not even the strength of a hundred will loosen her grip on her child’s hands. So leave mama be Su’ 🙂 Soon bro,soon and it will all be memories and tales of times past.

Su'eddie in Life n' Literature

(Nwa nnem…)

He put his head in his hands. It was one of those days. He had to get his big sister, Karuna, a present. He definitely had to. He put his hand in the pocket of his pants. There was some money there. He smiled, then groaned as he glanced at his phone screen. It was his secretary:


‘Sir, the artist is on the way for his check.’

Sigh. ‘Okay.’

He counted the money out of what he had found. There was barely Five Thousand Naira left. The various obligations flooded into his mind: this debt, that debt, that service, that payment… The carpenter working on the office shelves; the artist. Ah! What could he do? His secretary was soon in his house. He gave her the money for the carpenter and also the artist. The designs and settings for the new book project were telling…

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