The signs and traces of its existence is still there and evident to those who really look.

Its like that feeling in the heart when you wait for an answer or test result and you find yourself at that great divide where you are glad the result is not known but you find yourself worried for what might be revealed. You find gladness in uncertainty, justified by the notion that everything could still turn out favorable, but there is fear and anxiety from wanting to rest your heart from the turmoil of not knowing.

Knowing is a calming spring, but still you shiver from the cold of fear. Its like the dying embers of a warm glowing fireplace, warming during winter’s coldest harsh but still you feel cold from the anxiety of life.

Uncertainty is dulled only by a consistency in belief and rationale; by that little voice so tiny in sound but its spectrum reaches and soars to the furthest of regions and heights.

These signs are evident in them who still have the courage to seek help and accept it when given, in dire times of struggle and lack.

The human spirit though fragile and small when shaken, is mighty and resilient, especially when faith and belief is thrown in with good measure, leading to the realization that man indeed is god to his fellow man. These very things which make us less than God and lower than angels, are the same which exalt and elevate us above all else.

Yes, man may be filled with numerous vices and may fall, yet we have a code in the human realm. A code imprinted within our spirits and cells which sends signals of oneness and solidarity in times of crisis and chaos.

This same code denotes and detonates the powerful energy to calm or ignite; depending on cause and its expected outcome.

I feel rather glad and proud to be part of this realm, which though many times appears weak and clueless, is guided and bound by something much greater than the physical eye can see.

An awesome lot we really are, just like our maker.