We try not to think much these days, as thinking avails us nothing. It never used to be this way though, once upon a time our mornings, noons, and nights were consumed with thoughts of our beloved.

We often wondered what they did, what they ate and what they looked like that moment. Did they wake up thinking of us? Did they wonder where we were, what we did or what we ate? Those were harried days, and like all things harried, those days also came and went.

Today is called a day for lovers…some say a day of love. What exactly is love? Is it a feeling in the heart, that overwhelms and makes you weak in the knees when your desired one is near or touches your skin? Is it a lump in the throat that lingers, when you find you have a dozen things to say, yet unable to, as you behold your heart’s desire and all you can do is simply smile?

You smile because their touch, the whispering of the wind and the rays of the sun, combined, makes everything else fade into oblivion. You live in the moment and cherish whatever little time opportunity affords, in hope that the next will be longer and time lingers long enough for the words in your heart take flight and soar through your lips; if not now, perhaps in another life time.

Love is thrust upon us by nature and not choice. Circumstances sometimes force us to be without those we love. We love them from a distance and carry the flame of our love in our heart, but this does not erase them from our heart; their smile, smell and touch is forever engraved in the deep recesses of our mind regardless of who we find ourselves with. These parts of them buried within us defy logic and reasoning, permanently etched in the soul. As a fragrance, our subconscious is familiar with their unique scent and these we cannot wash away; not with the best soaps or be replaced with another’s fragrance which is the love of another, because their essence is infused in us.

So on this day said to belong to love, love finds a voice. Love remembers those it loves and will always love. Love hopes that on this special day and days to come, love continues to hold our sway and cradle us lovingly through our days. And may the nectar of love’s flowing juices linger in the mouth of those of us who love and we their beloved, that our lips remain sweet for the hope of those endless kisses and embraces of desire. For we are after all that lump in the throat.