The day is spent but not lost, she learnt something new today; she learnt the sound of a dying heart.

Today she saw the real face of hate.It did not look strange or ugly because it was a face she was all too familiar with. Its the face she has loved and woken up to for many years, a face she has kissed and caressed. A face she has shared many photographs with, a face her family ,friends and colleagues know,love and admire. It was not the face of evil…no! at least not until that day went.

Now there’s a big gape in her heart and her head can’t quite take the news. How does she begin to adjust? to accept that the very one who had her love, her heart and her time; the one whose children she birthed and they did suckle from her, this same one is the one who hates and whose real heart she discovered today before the day spent.

Today the music died in her head, and the curtain fell on her stage; with no applause or whistles or fireworks in the background. The curtain fell and silence engulfed,leaving only the thump of her beating heart.Like music it plays louder each second, sending shock waves to her very core and she, like one in a trance, goes back to yesteryear’s. Time when all seemed fair,shrouded in deceit, beguiled in hate and confused in ecstasy.Yet she lingers there,wishing this day never saw the rise of the sun,only to bring her misery to light. The day is spent but not lost, she learnt something new today.