Images of her smile as she dried my face
Too strong to push away she remained with me
Her voice softly speaks,up ,up you go
Go on Danny I know you can
I wake up and I’m covered in piss
Bitter cold turned my face blue
Everything blurred but her face remains
As she softly spurred me to move along

Mama died when I was twelve,yet I see her day and night
Tired of the tears I shoo her along,but tears shine in her eyes
she stretched her hands and touch my face, Shivering,
My eyes flew open, it was then that I heard the voice
Sir sir are you awake?

She wore a skirt and blue beret, a child I noticed
I sat up by the wall…go away leave me alone
This here is my spot I won’t share with you
She smiled saying I have soup and tea, which do you want with this ham sandwich?
The soup was hot,cream of broccoli,almost like mama used to make

Belly full, vision clear, I bend my head in shame as she looked
unlike the others she neither moved nor covered her nose,but simply said with a laugh Mr do you realize you smell?

I look into her face and blue eye’s stared back at me,twinkling, moments away from a laugh…I burst into laughter and she laughed along,until my side began to ache.
She helped me up and as I stood, my palace lost its glitter; all I saw was mold.

I could have remained in my hole and my head would still my palace behold
But she led me to st Dominick’s by Main and 5th, my mama’s face once more appeared.

I swear I heard her speak again. one last card Danny boy this time it’s an ace; let me see what you do with it. I smile and look around for her,the one with the ice blue eyes.

She stood just by the door,I walk to her and start to speak,but she puts brown paper in my hands.

She left without saying a word,and I looked to see what it was…There staring at me a jokers face,and a  note that said “it’s time to believe in you”