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She called an emergency meeting. A crisis had just emerged in Texas; the few remaining oil wells in the entire country had finally dried up.

Ongoing but inconclusive research was yet to conclude harnessing and combining wind and electrical power to run cars effectively. Doctor Rosenberg who pioneered this research was also called to sit in on this meeting. His first prototype did not make the mark 2 years ago.

America’s dependency on oil was overwhelming. This on its own was the cause for 80% of the country’s deficit, owed mainly to Nigeria. Ending this dependency has been every president’s Holy Grail.

As she walked with her aid towards the situation room, her palms were clammy; she needed a stiff drink for her nerves. This crisis was the motherload she inherited as the 50th president of the United States of America. The only reason she had won the electoral votes was because America decided it was time for change. Democrat or republican; a woman was hopefully going to turn things around. She didn’t volunteer for this – the party needed a female nominee with integrity and Alice Davenport was it, the recently widowed former governor of Colorado.

Shocked at being put forward, she didn’t think the American public would want a widower as their Commander-in-chief. She owed the party; they had backed her against odds to run for the governorship of Colorado. Notwithstanding her personal loss, the party big wigs had made up their mind she was their best option as presidential candidate. She wasn’t just a pretty face; her political record was not only outstanding; she possessed a certain charm that endeared her to the people. The progress she fought for and won, within her first term as governor, guaranteed her second term and though the constitution stipulated that she had to be out of office for 4 years after 2 consecutive terms, the people of Colorado attempted to change this stipulation in their constitution.

Excluding the President, there were four people in the Situation room. Aileen Spigel, Chief of staff; Michael Smith, Secretary of State; Dr. Ruben, assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Dr. Phil Rosenberg, assistant to the President for Science and Technology. They all rose and greeted as she walked in; she had only one question to ask – She had been following the progress of Dr. Rosenberg’s work since its inception and contributed funds to assist with its progress when she was governor – Was his work finally ready to solve America’s crises?

“Do you have good news Phil? Are we closer to success?”

If he could resolve this problem, it would mark the highlight of her early days in the Oval office and define the rest of her term. There was a sparkle in his eyes and the joy of accomplishment resonated in his voice. “Yes ma’am.”

The screen across the mahogany table came alive. A white car appeared on the screen and then the inside of the engine. “Madam President, I present Windvolt 1. The first car powered with wind turbines on an electrical charge. It’s fully functional and ready for mass production. The specifications and conclusive tests are included in the dossier.”

A radiant smile glowed on her face. She could feel the warmth on her cheeks. Certainly she had a guardian angel. Once again, like every challenge she had ever encountered threatening her credibility from the onset as governor, had been overcome.

Windvolt1 was a revolutionary breakthrough, America will once again be a beacon and this government will go down in the annals of history.

“Excellent work Phil.”