Why are we so caught up in the game of life? So busy playing it, we forget to actually live it, enjoy it.

When the desire to be right, justified or proven superior is conquered, when there no longer exists a yard stick to measure and quantify oneness, love and affections; when we see the real potential of elevation we can attain, perhaps then we can really be in agreement in regard to living.

When we consider the makeup of our world together and take those things which unite and binds us, hold them firm and focus upon them; there would be far less room to notice the differences. If we do notice the differences, they will be so insignificant because they will not define the level at which we live life. They make those uniting factors glare brightly at us and we feel proud to be one notch ahead of the constant battles between our egos.

It sounds simple enough, but we must be willing to play fair. The same set of rules for all involved. As heart breaking as it may be for some, we need to begin to accept that there’s no equality in affections. At any given point, someone is always giving more, doing more, and accepting more. It’s what commonsense tells us, but many choose to bury their heads in the sand.

Why are we so determined to get our due, whatever that is? Many can’t reconcile with the notion that some seek equality in areas of giving. Surely this is what love should overcome isn’t it?

This is the point where we should work together. Here the essence of our state ought to rise to the occasion. Sadly it’s never always so, old habits kick in and the battles begin again.

Well there’s a new rule to life, to living now; it’s called duality in reasoning. Expecting the “HALF” mentality should be obsolete by now, at least in any relationship looking to survive this great divide.

Are we willing to accept that we all have our limitations and that levels of tolerance differ? That mindset of constantly comparing should be thrown out the window, except you have decided that the single life is your best bet.

Roles are clearly mapped out and emotional maturity will certainly determine who lasts or who gives up, faced with this test. Are we interested in saving what we have or in preserving our rights to fight for the quantity we give?Are we to demand and expect equality in the love we receive or give? This is where the rules differ.

As separate entities working to achieve a common goal, this is where the stand comes in. You are compelled to take that stand. This is a must, because what some seek is not something that can be forced or learned. The ability to show love, receive love and reciprocate love is a state that completely takes over every functioning cell in the human. To suggest or expect that it can be controlled is ludicrous!

It cannot be turned on an off, it’s not an emotion. This would be the time to either play by these new rules, or get out of the situation. The choice is simple and straight forward enough.

The ability and the right to make these decisions are those basic reasons why it is necessary to draw a distinction between” the acknowledging, and simply hearing”.