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Brandy, whiskey,tequilas too
Names of my favourite companions
Cozy we are, snuggle up we do
Chasing away chills and gloom
Numb the pain always true.

Mixers, beer and the odd gin and rum;
Anything will do
As long as I see the bottle’s end
My wide grin remains
Off I am on my merry way.

Demons gone, jolly and carefree I bellow out a tune
Here I am happy and high
High on friends that don’t make me feel blue
They don’t yell, complain or demand
They let me be my merry self.

Some say I am the one to lose
They shake their heads and weep for me
Poor fools, if only they knew
That this fella here has nothing to lose
Already on the ground, I can’t fall.

There was a time it was the wraps;
A well rolled joint, maybe two
Mary Jane and me go all night
singing the blues, not always a happy tune.

Searching for the next high I try a prick
My god became a string and a long needle
Evolving into love at the base of a spoon
The lighter’s glow quickly takes me to another world.

I hear my own voice once in a while
Begging for a dollar or a dime
I stagger as they push me aside
My body an unpleasant fragrance.

Lost; all I see is the reflection of a stranger
craving for warmth
The elements provide me shelter
Soon I realize I’m in a hole
So deep I need help to recover.