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My defenses fall to pieces when you come around
Bracing myself I say out loud
No, not this time! Never again!
My cries and bravado come to nought
Yet again, my knees do knock;
Just because you are near again

Why, I wonder do you appear so calm and cool?
In the face of love you are but a cowardly fool
Your actions say one thing
But in your eyes I see the truth
Trying to run away from the love that’s me and you

Prisoners of love, we both are locked in a world;
A world where denying our love is embracing pain, illusions, and deceit.
Take a good look at yourself in the mirror’s glare
Blinded by denial you hold your ground

Who is fooling who?
Like it or not the heart is unwavering
It stays its course; rages on refusing to be held captive
Regardless of threat, intimidation or hindrances
Unapologetic it rages on like a bull seeking the matador
Its only mission: reuniting with its love or die trying to do so