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I have forgotten what it sounds like
I remember not, what it feels like
Hearing those words from your mouth
Lips of you my desired

Cannot tell for sure the reason why
I know the reasons I think it is
Why those words fled your lips
Why you chose to stop your love

I know the numbness when it comes
An unwelcome guest; yet familiar to our world
It knows just when to sneak in
Knows when to shut your heart

The numbness I feel is not by choice
Born out of many miseries;
The screams, demands and bullying tones
I recoil and shut my eyes for calm

Deep in slumber I remain;
Resisting reasons to stir
Yet I cannot sleep my life away
With reluctance and stir of hope I awake

Awake only to feel the pain of loss
You took life along with you
Awake, yet I remain deep in sleep;
Where hope alone is my friend

Alone I cannot go on
Since you took your heart away
I Let go of love hoping for its return someday
If truly mine meant to be

Torn, and in awe I ask
Have I been alone all this time
But your heart replies;
With you always will I be