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I knew you before the beginning of time
When embers from the fire of creation still burned
When giant lizards and great cats roamed this earth
I knew you

When stories of miracles
Giants and angels
Traveled beyond seas and mountains
To faraway lands…in moors, deserts and hills;
My breath was upon you

Yet to be forged, spirit floating
Lips yet to form the desire of requests
I knew where you would rest
Deciding you would never be alone

I am your beginning, your center and end
I know your core, desires and apprehensions
I am the puppet master and you are my puppet
Your fears, hope and guilt;
I know: for I am always there

Foolishly you claim ownership of thoughts
Do you think circumstances define you?
I smile; remain calm and still
I am the beginning of your very thoughts
Because I am, you are

My breath is upon you…
I dwell in you and you in me
As the scent of earthen dust rises
As thuds of rain drops hit the parched cracked soil
So does my scent in you linger still

From the time of rumbling great volcanoes
Fear of gods made you shake
Even cower in submission to illusions
created in your mind
Still I stood by you without remorse

You cannot wash me off
Not with fragrances of jasmine or lavender
Not with hints of coconut or deep roasts of musk
You are mine forever!

A hundred baths in the great Tigris
Only makes more obvious my regal seal upon you
Like rain drops
Trying to wash away spots of the wild leopard…
This is not possible!

Why think you can wash off my essence in you?
You are marked for life
Life you will live
Until the day I wash you myself

On this day will I withdraw my essence
You will take your final breath
As with the beginning of time
You will journey back to whence you came from

I breathe on you….