and they lived happily ever after! yeah folks, it happens!

Moskeda Lounge

This love story began somewhere in Lagos in 1999. The day was like any other and nothing in the skies indicated that my friend, Fola would meet the love of her life and father of her lovely kids on the road to the place she was going to buy some bread. As she stood, about to cross the street, this good-looking guy walked up to her.

“Hi, may I cross you?” he asked.

Fola looked at him from his head to his toes and the thought running through her head was ‘who was going to cross who?’ Obviously, this guy had not looked at his height before approaching her to offer her his street-crossing services.

Little did she know, the whole street drama was the beginning of a relationship that would last thirteen years.

Initially, Fola was doing what good girls normally do—pose. But finally before the year ran out…

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