A million reasons
Life isn’t the sweet smelling flower
I long it to be
Now sorrow has consumed
What little hope I reserved
Yet this sadness lingers;
Finally it swallows me up.

All I see is darkness
And the depth of my soul
Gone so far in ruins
I wonder,
What reason there is
left to seek.

Seek what you say?
A flicker of light
A sound or ruffle;
That can shake me to life.
Perhaps then,
These reasons will dim
Their numbers fall
That life can look brighter
Than I think it be.

Could it be self-pity and pride
Have led to my myopia?
Could I really be this sad
Not see how life thrives around me?

Give me reasons to hope…
Just a little
Oh mind of mine,
For these walls of misery
Are wearing me thin.

Look all around
Oh petty feelings,
Peer into the horizon and see,
For what you think is lacking,
Really is there for the taking.

Sweet smelling flower?
What makes you think life as such?
Even sweet can smell too much
And the nose suddenly tires of the fragrance.
Sweet is not the only flavour to life,
Sour and tangy also make life good.

The mixture of all
Creates the perfection
We embrace and term reality.
Now stop!
Stop oh soul…
Are we running away
From the fact?
Focus on the subject…

You are doomed!
Doomed you say?
I refuse doom,
I have the strength to fight.

Let me fight.
Let me fight for a chance to a life,
Perhaps not quite like the sweet smelling flowers I hoped,
But alas
I will still be able to sniff, smell…
Even taste
Some aspect of life
To make me want to stay

Come to think of it,
Why have I forgotten
All that is reason to life?
I have it all around me;
I hear them,
Feel them,
Smell them
Yet I forget.

How indeed
Did my soul stray so far,
I stopped to think only of me…