Life is a stage and we all are actors. We act out our scripts as written by destiny, but only few of us get to play center stage and bask in the limelight.

Some get this honour for a fleeting moment, others; for a much longer period. But for that moment in time, all eyes are focused on this coveted center stage.

Dana Air put in a bid and won the privilege to transport our esteemed actors to the world’s center stage. Imagine the excitement and pride of those who made it through the Director’s cut… the ecstasy, exhilaration and alas the calm.

As their journey got under way, it finally dawned upon them that this was it. This was the final countdown to Lagos. Young and old they were; adrenaline pumping, anticipation about getting to their final destination. To some home, to others visiting. To act out whatever life had planned for them. Little did they know this was the final curtain call which was going to be etched in the hearts of millions.

Their final act will become descriptions and examples of emotion; Rage! Anger! Disappointment and Disillusions!

Their very lines and scenes will suddenly be catapulted into fame and notoriety all at once because of the incompetence of the publicists Dana Air, the ones responsible for bringing them to center stage for the world to see.

I heard there were two sisters who just attended a wedding. There was an expectant mother (her first child), I heard there was a newly appointed reverend father (who will never absolve anyone from sin) and a man just released from prison after 12 years (who will never know real freedom).

I heard there was a family of four. A mother, a father and two children; Just moved into a two bedroom flat after six years in a tiny room (their old place would be heaven right now if they knew what fate had in store for them).

I could go on with the history of these unknown faces whose lives have become so familiar in the last four days but the bottom line is they all played center stage.

Imagine the last few minutes when it became clear that this was it, the final call. The curtain will fall this last time, never to rise again.

Imagine first the fear, the denial, disbelief and then finally imagine the acceptance as peace is made between man and maker and a moment becomes an eternity. Imagine the blast and then night falls.

Dawn broke and the news came. We wailed, we wept and screams of outrage consumed the air…why?

Oh why, we asked. Why?

PS. Today is precious as tomorrow is not promised. Live every day with gladness and joy for we never know when night will fall upon us.

To our brothers and sisters on Dana 9J-992 your curtains will ever remain raised in our hearts. Sleep in peace.