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Sex with a dull man is so tiring, uninspiring. I would rather go shopping than let him inside me. Sex with a dull woman! How uninviting! Quite frightening!

Sex is a subject so sensitive and personal; difficult to talk about; many shy away from it. A couple just finished having sex and can’t talk about it. How nasty! I think crafty! Can’t talk about an act they just took part in. Never really understood why? But that’s another subject.

Now let’s talk about SEX!

Sex is a quick game…It’s nice, quick, fast but never lasts. It’s anytime and anywhere with no one to stare; as long as you are with the one you care. If you go with a stranger you are courting danger. If you are one of the few lucky ones that the feeling and chemistry is mutual, you have found heaven! Most times you don’t bother with clothes or disrobing… you know what to take off or push aside don’t you?

Quick and fast, in and out, screams and groans curses and words too foul to revisit. But ohhhhhhhh god! Paradise in all of four minutes or so and the rest as they say is history.

Some like a bit of roughness here and there, and many a times body parts are bruised but sometimes disjointed. On odd occasions you get the occasional black eye and mild concussion, and that’s okay too

Unlike sex, making loving is an entirely different matter.

Lovemaking…aaah, sweet

The sentimental thing begins to come into play. You have to be nice, act nice and talk nice; sometimes you either love or like this person. People…we are talking really scary stuff here, the LOVE THING, it bites!

For us girls, now really it’s a big deal! When you find that big dope like yourself who takes the time to know you and show that they care. They take the time to set the mood, physically, mentally and emotionally…and you can tell, because they are firm but gentle.

They want to know what’s good for you, where do they touch you, how should they touch you to drive you wild. For them it’s like a challenge and they go far beyond the call of duty to get you to that place of bliss; and since you have a romance going on here, paradise, that place of pleasure takes even longer to get to… extra care is taken to get the oils that smell right, and music that is smooth that it just soothes and melts your heart.

Now, for the boys…it’s not all wham, bam thank you ma’am! Yes it might seem like all they are really interested in is the physical, as in appearance and in the act but those are usually the dull ones…

A man does not want a log of wood beside him. First of all sex for him begins in the mind where and when he conjures images and imagery of how rewarding sex or making loving with you will be. This leads to the anticipation of what lies beneath all your layers of clothing in and around your pleasure zones…he’s already halfway to paradise.

Next comes your physical beauty…if he sees what he likes; he knows he has found paradise. Getting down to the nitty-gritty; now girls when the live action begins…if you really do care, this is the time to share, show and pray do tell. Show him how he makes you feel by the way you look at him, touch and caress him. Tell him exactly how being with him makes you feel. The way and manner your body responds to his touch has its own language and will definitely send him to paradise.

Lovemaking is a long but very rewarding chore…umm! That’s if you don’t mind all the wahala involved but it has to be worth it.

I say this because all men are not created equal…

Size does matter to the extent that you know what to do with it! If the size is right but you ain’t doing it right, 9ja we have a problem! Surprise! Surprise! This goes both ways!

If a man is too big for the woman, wahala!
If the woman is too big for the man…more wahala!
If the man is big but the container is too small, na wetin we go do! It means part of him has to remain outside in the rain and cold!

If the woman is big and the man small…how will she feel a thing! It will be like an itch on your back that you can’t scratch! Wetin naw!

All things being equal, whether having sex or making love, if you are with that special someone, you can have the best of both worlds.